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Kastelenplein 172
5653 LX Eindhoven

Family Doctors

* L.A. van Bijleveld & C.A.P Lukkien               (040) 2529082

* R.B.T. Verstegen            (040) 2511570

* L.J.G.E. Jansen  & C.A.P. Lukkien               (040) 2526255

* I.A. van Hasselt                       (040) 2661040
* E.G. Grevelman & I.S. Engelen                    (040) 2551137

Press 1 for emergencies
Press 2 for repeat prescription

Press 3 for the assistant

Opening hours
From Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM

We have lunch break from 12:30 PM. to 1:30 PM

Appoinments at your GP.

It is necessary to make an appointment to visit your doctor. We are reachable by phone between 08 AM. and 12:30PM and between 1:30 PM and 5 PM. If you would like to make an appointment for the same day, we advise you to call between 8 AM. and 9 AM. The Assistant determines when you should be seen by your symptoms.

In the interest of our planning please call before 12.30 PM:

  • Appointments;

  • Test results;

  • home visits;

  • Phone consultation with your family doctor;

  • Repeat prescriptions.

Telephone consultation with your doctor
It is possible to have a consult by phone.  Please ask the doctors assistant. The doctor will call you back between 11: 30 AM. and 2 PM. or after 4 PM

Repeat prescriptions or  make an online appointment
You can leave a message for repeat prescriptions on plan an appointment on

Doctors assistant
The doctor's Assistant works under the supervision of a familie doctor. If you call for an appointment the doctors assistant will ask about your symptoms. She is trained to do so and she will help you as best as possible. She performs a variety of tasks including: wound care, removal of sutures, freezing warts, measurement of the blood pressure, pap smears and urine tests. For the above treatments please make an appointment.

The practice-nurse treats patients with diabetes mellitus, hypertension. Astma/COPD and smoking cessation. To make an appointment with the practice-nurse, you should contact the Assistant of your family doctor.

Urgent cases/emergencies
For emergencies you can reach us between 8 AM. and 5 PM on telephone number (040) 2522315.

During our lunch break please ring the Bell at the front door.

In the evenings, weekends and on national holidays you need to contact the emergency post on phone number 088-8765151. The emergency post is only for true emergencies! If you have an appointment on the emergency post please bring your insurance information.

Nieuws en mededelingen
Bente Eijk
Bente Eijk
Geplaatst: 26 april 2022
Bente Eijk is onze praktijk komen versterken als praktijkondersteuner GGZ.

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Kloppen uw gegevens nog?
Kloppen uw gegevens nog?
Geplaatst: 5 april 2022
Het gebeurt met regelmaat dat wij niet de juiste contact gegevens hebben. Wij zouden graag de juiste gegevens ontvangen.

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 Inwoners van de regio Eindhoven en ’s-Hertogenbosch brengen overtollige medicijnen terug met Rik Retour
Inwoners van de regio Eindhoven en ’s-Hertogenbosch brengen overtollige medicijnen terug met Rik Retour
Geplaatst: 28 maart 2022
Op 14 maart 2022 is de bewustwordingscampagne #brengonsterug gestart. Hiermee wordt aandacht gevraagd voor het juist retourneren van overtollige medicatie.

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